The Spirit of Feminist Bodies

The perception of the female body is dated and determined by society. We live in a world with unrealistic beauty standards which means as soon as a female in the public eye posts a photo it doesn’t take long before people start talking about her stretch marks; no make-up; weight. This calls for change. We also see a growth negative attitudes toward women’s bodies when we start talking about sexual harassment; ‘She provoked me by wearing a short dress.’ We want to live in a world where women have bodily autonomy, where they can own their sexuality and feel self-love and acceptance from their community. Our aim is to educate our followers on the issues women face today with regard to their bodies, sexuality and general discrimination. We hope to encourage all women to recognise their strength and learn about their feminism in a fun, accessible and eye-opening environment. Keep an eye out for fun events such as; social media take-overs, conversations with powerful women and creative clubs.

Expressions of Feminism 

Feminist expression has changed and mutated throughout the years. From burning bras to #metoo, Sojourner Truth to Kamala Harris, Sex and the City to Normal People, the imagery and icons we associate with the campaign for equality among the sexes are constantly in flux. On a more personal level, how we express our feminism from childhood to adulthood, from one generation to the next, changes and develops, as do expressions of feminism from one location to another and between the sexes, social groups and races. Our aim is to acknowledge and honour the myriad expressions of feminism in 2021, paying tribute to the people who are doing their bit for gender justice and giving them an opportunity to express themselves to the world. 

Building Feminist Futures

We are all familiar with the common trope that feminism is now redundant, useless… we, as feminists, gripe on when we should just accept the gains that have been made in some parts of the world and be grateful. We know, however, that there is still so much more to be done. The world as it stands is perhaps in a constant state of crisis. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the impacts of climate change are ravaging the lives of many, both highlighting and deepening inequalities across the globe. We believe that all of these problems are rooted in Capitalism as a system of harm that creates and thrives on these inequalities on the bases of gender, race and class. But change is possible; and feminism gives us a lens through which to imagine a better, kinder and more equitable future for us all. So, together, let’s ask: what kind of world do we want to live in? And what can we do collectively to get there? Let’s use these crises as an opportunity to radically change the order of things, to challenge the Capitalist power structures that try to oppress us and suppress our voices. Let’s take action in our own communities and beyond to build a future that belongs to all of us