Expressions of Feminism Art Project: What Would the World Look Like If Everyone Was Equal?

The Queen’s University Belfast Gender Network are delighted to announce our exhibition in collaboration with Belfast South Community Resources, Lagmore Youth Project, Rosario Youth Club, and St Peter’s Immaculata Youth Club.

In this project, we challenged young people from our local youth groups to consider the question: what would the world look like if everyone was equal? This was born out of the recognition that we still have far to go in achieving equality between all genders, and wanted to hear the voices of our future leaders which are so often overlooked due to their youth. In response, we have received a number of incredible pieces which reflect their unique perspectives on a feminist society, including physical pieces of art and videos which can be interacted with using QR codes.

The exhibition can be viewed on the upper floor of the Queen’s University Graduate School. A maximum of 15 people may enter in any given slot (per one booking) and a representative from the group will be asked for a phone number and email address when booking for contact-tracing purposes.

Tickets can be booked here:

Any queries can be directed to