2021/22 Student Steering committee


I [Meral] a second year PhD student in Applied Behaviour Analysis in SSESW at QUB. My research utilises the online training paradigm to provide cost-effective and widely accessible Verbal Behaviour approach training for teachers. As a woman growing up in a patriarchal society and culture, I have been a feminist since I was a little girl. With time, I have been learning what is feminism and how the women have been treated unequally, I have started speaking up wherever I am for women rights!


Maggie Murphy (she/her) is an LLM Human Rights Law student, whose academic interests lie at the intersection of climate change, feminism, and human rights


Rua Cleary is a MSc student studying Psychological Science at Queen’s, having previously completed her BSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Ulster. Her specific interests lie in the medicalisation of distress and the medical surveillance of women’s bodies and experiences


  I’m Aislinn and I am a 1+3 PhD candidate in the School of Law at QUB working on the future of anti-discrimination law in Northern Ireland after Brexit.  Currently, I am in my first year, so I am completing an MRes in Social Science Research in the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work and researching specifically gender equality legislation in a post-Brexit Northern Ireland.  I can’t wait to see what this year of feminist activism brings


Megan is currently on the Human Rights Law programme at Queen’s. Throughout her studies, Megan’s research has focused on explorations of identity in conflict and post-conflict societies, and how those identities intersect along class, race, and gender. Her previous works include: ‘Heritage or Hate: Understanding of Confederate landscaping and Questions of Identity, Race, and America’s Symbolic Past’ and ”Annie, Get Your Gun’: A Discussion on Women’s Participation in Armed Violence’. Megan is inspired by the works and actions of influential Marxist feminists such as Angela Davis and Rosa Luxemburg and is committed to furthering the movement for intersectional thought and building class consciousness to combat systemic global oppressions.


Hello, my name is Dagny Ahrend. I’m from the US and currently in the MA Politics program here at Queen’s. While getting my undergraduate degree in political science, my research largely focused on feminist issues and included topics such as the historical origins of US family leave policy, American suffragists, and the relationship between financial inclusion and female political participation. I’m looking forward to continuing feminist research and activism this year as a member of the Gender Network!


Hi, my name is Cameron and I’m a Master’s level student in Law. My two biggest passions are (1) big tunes and club culture, and (2) intersectional feminism, which actually overlap a lot more than you might initially think! Feminism is really important to me as it ties in with our ability to achieve true justice as a society, and on a personal level, for everyone to feel able to be and express themselves free from cisheteronormative and patriarchal expectations. While progress has been made, there’s still such a long way to go – talk to me about women in media, female sexuality and independence, and gender roles!


My name is Cameron McClurg, I am currently a master’s student studying criminology and criminal justice. I first started engaging with feminism within my criminology undergraduate degree and from then it has blossomed and grew into something that I am extremely passionate about. I feel that the feminist movement and all that it incorporates is constantly developing and I believe that being part of the Gender Network, with a committee of amazing women, will only serve to aid my own feminist development over the year


My name is Megan Kelly, I am a final year Sociology PhD student and have also enjoyed teaching some modules at Queen’s. My research interest lies in emotional labour and sociology within the workplace. I am primarily interested in the emotional labour of nurses and other frontline staff who worked during the conflict in Northern Ireland. I also have a strong interest in qualitative research and research methods. I am thoroughly enjoying my time at the Gender Network Committee and am learning more about my own Feminism. I am excited to be an active member of the Feminism and Bodies sub-group


Ciara McAllister is a 2nd year PhD Student in Arts, English and Languages at Queen’s. Her AHRC-funded research explores the representation of working-class gender identities in the drama and fiction of the Northern Ireland Troubles, taking an intersectional feminist approach to the literature in order to examine how it can challenge or reinscribe the various power structures and stereotypes that affect understandings of the conflict. Ciara’s feminism is conscious of the myriad struggles that both women and men face as a result of patriarchy under capitalism and believes in a future where everyone can benefit from gender equality.  


Ruth Flanagan is a second year PhD candidate in the school of Social Sciences education and social work. Her DFE funded research is titled ‘The panopticon of pleasure: An exploration into the religious cultural socialization of Northern Irish Women and their sexual experiences’.