Book review of Queenie by one of our members Megan Kelly

Rating 5/5

I read Queenie a few months ago and I revered it so much that I instantly messaged the author on Instagram. For me, Queenie is not a book that is up for discussion, there is no question that it is one of the best books ever written, there is no doubt that the book is art on paper. However, the most important takeaway from this book is that every woman, man, human HAS to read it.

Without giving too much away, Queenie (on paper), is a coming of age break up story. Queenie appears to be about a girl struggling to move on from an ex boyfriend and in turn struggles to navigate her way through life and all its wonders. However, this book is not an ordinary separation story, in which the girl kisses the best friend and soon realises she has loved him all along. This book is raw, uncomfortable and evokes emotions you did not even know you had. The story tackles real depression and the reality of hitting rock bottom which is something, to some extent, that most people can relate too. It is a truly fantastic tale of one woman’s realistic journey to finding herself and realising the importance of loving yourself from within. You will see so much of yourself, your friends and humanity in this character. Most importantly, this book will teach you the importance of taking care of your emotions and other lessons about life along the way.

READ IT (then read it again).


Megan x